Monday, October 06, 2003

The return of Iron Action Radio

Decided to sit down at the transmitter and try to figure out how i blew it up 4 years ago, it turns out i didn't blow it that bad, just that i had no idea what i was doing back then. 4 Hours of research i was able to get a low buzzing sound that clicked in and took back the old frequency 91.9 fm i was using. i Know its going to be a long night, kiss is on the cd player, and i had just eaten a roast beef sandwich, not that those 2 things would keep my from my honey in the other room, but i feel the urge to steal back the airways, and start fresh with the radio. and like a 10 year old kid the night before christmas, its hard to fall asleep.

note..what will be the first song i play when i offically go back on the air?

guerilla radio
leonard cohan
chemical brothers
back in the saddle again
something new?

time to get this blog up..back to work


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