Saturday, March 24, 2007

Iron Action Radio, Nyacks Pirate Radio 102.5fm

Iron Action Radio, Nyacks Pirate Radio 102.5fm

Getting back in the groove. This last week with a few new shows on tap, Ever since the arrival of Baby Pirate Dj Sawyer I know the shows have been not the most original, But at least the radio is on every night with great music and some surprises. Ok now for some news.. I am changing the Schedule around a bit, starting the pirate broadcast closer to 6pm each night , including the weekends. The only major change is that i will be doing late night comedy and random audio books late in the evening, usually starting after midnight, With Art Bell shows Sunday Nights.
I am also closing down the wanted reward for Dawit, the reward got as high as 400.00 and no one could get him out and down to see me, and now that he has contacted me by himself the reward will be used for another purpose. well thats it for now, please remember you can listen anytime after 6pm on 102.5fm in the Nyack Tarrytown Area and online at

DJ Johnny Silver

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tonight for the Celebration of the Year of the Pig, Dj Johnny Silver presents theatre of the Mind, i head up to Local Hook Mnt to broadcast all night long, i will attempt to find the lost witch cave and other secret left there over time...A dangerous trip many would say..but nay says Johnny..Hope you Enjoy the Show I should be on the Mountain by 7pm and want to be home by 3am you can tune in always at or on 102.5fm in the Nyack Area

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tonights Nyack Pirate Radio broadcast "Nyack Live".. Broadcasting from
the Streets of Nyack

November 30th 09:00 PM-12:00am - Pirate Radio Studios
Secret Location in Nyack, Nyack, NY 10960,US -
Thursdays show featuring special guests and live music its the hottest
show of the week. Dj Silver and DJ Watts. This weeks show look for
special guest Marc Ferr, Craig from (not confirmed
yet), and maybe and a surprise guest.

Recently a new listener called "The Shadow" has been sending in these
great poems to be read on the radio, if you have listened the last
couple night you might of heard them, if not i would like to get him
to read one live on the air tonight and maybe make it a ongoing
segment for the i also would like toget other poets out
there to read live on the air. You can call the studio tonight at
845-290-9493 after 9pm

Tune in on 102.5fm in the Nyack area...or on the internet at Live call in number for the show is 845-290-9493

DJ Johnny Silver
Nyacks pirate Radio

Monday, October 30, 2006

Halloween Parade Broadcast

Dj Watts and DJ Silver Busting a move at the beginning of the Nyack Halloween Parade. Dj Silver with DJ C-Train.. The Parade was a great djing success as we broadcasted from the street during the parade. DJ Watts stole the show with his home made superhero costume, actually taking 3rd place at the Hudson House. Gained alot of new listeners this evening as most of the interviews were out in public view.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

To Watch and Listen to the Nyack Halloween parade CLICK HERE

Click the Banner Above to Watch and Listen live to Nyacks halloween parade

Starting tonight and every night @ 10pm till Halloween i will be

featuring the best Halloween show ever produced i been working for the
last 3 days getting the rarest and spookiest music and classic
stories, from Boris Karloff, Vincent Price to Traditional Voodoo drums
and music with great Monster Surf Music and classic Motion picture
horror film clips. This is the greatest music ever to be found..The
Halloween portion of the Night begins each night at 10pm every night
till 2am. The 102.5fm takes the airwaves will takes back the airwaves
each day at 4pm with great music and Nyack news and Events..This show
will blow you mind.. Hope you can tune and give me some feedback.

I will also be broadcasting "live from the Nyack Halloween Parade" I
will be interviewing and broadcasting the event live starting at 4pm
on Saturday ..and breaking news.. for the first time ever you can view
the Parade live from the live video feed we will have there. So if you
cant make it or would like to have someone enjoy the parade who can't
be here in Nyack we will be streaming it.

You can tune into Nyack radio on 102.5fm

or on the internet @

you can view the parade and listen to the show on Saturday @ and

Thursday we will be having the regular schedule "Nyack Live" Show with
DJ Watts with special guest all night long. so you might not hear
Halloween music till after midnight but other then that serious the
best Halloween show ever every night 10pm-2am till Halloween.

DJ Johnny Silver

102.5 fm

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

To remember the greatest rock and roll club of all time, Nyacks pirate Radio will be doing a specal historical tour of all the great bands and special times that happened ovet the last 30 years at CBGB's Tune in tonight to hear some great rare tracks from groups like Televison, Patti Smith, The Ramones, Talking Heads, Blondie and many more that got there start at the famous club.

You can tune in on 102.5fm or on the show begins at 8pm

if you would like to request a song for the special show please email me at

Nyack Pirate Radio goes on the air every day at 4pm bringing you the best in Nyack News and Events along with great music you won't hear onthe corporate greed stations


Dj Johnny Silver

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nyack Live
A cutting edge music and talk variety show with special guests coming to you 'Live form Nyack.'
Time: 8:00pm-12:00am Thursdays
Quinn the Eskimo & DJ Johnny Silver & DJ Watts

This past thursday we had LDJ and Building 3 stop by and throw down some freestlye, I was a little late getting to the studio, so Dj watts got things rollin, by the time i stepped in the studio things were blazin (literally). The most hyped about LDJ and crew were slinging the rymes full force, the 40's being past around and smoke filled the room. Now get week we are having a Doctor of Chiropracty to start things off to talk about holistic is that for Thursday night variety! So tune in to the best radio ever. I also can't leave out Marc Ferr stopping in at mid-night to rock the house with some great songs

Thursday, September 28, 2006 "09/28/2006 08:00 PM - Pirate Radio Studios
Secret Location in Nyack, Nyack, NY 10960,US - your soul
Thursdays show featuring special guests and live music its the hottest show of the week. Dj Silver and DJ Watts. This weeks show look for special guest Marc Ferr, Vinny Raffa, Brass and the Boys. Tune in on 102.5fm in the Nyack area...or on the internet at Live call in number for the show is 845-290-9493"

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Fall Schedule Now UP

The New Fall Schedule is now posted on the website. There are new shows and New DJ's Joining the station. Comments and Suggestions Welcome!

New Fall Schedule

Coming this week!

Thursday night shows have been a blast, With DJ Watts and myself broadcasting from the secret location in the sewers of Nyack. This week coming up i will open the station to anyone who would like to dj for an hour to audition for a weekly show.. this will be from 8:30-9:30pm then DJ Watts will head out on the street with the hidden mic and visit the local bars in search of adventure.. This is reality radio at its best.. stay tuned!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

part three : return of the agent

part three in a series of short films starring nyack, new york's legendary pirate radio dj johnny silver. written and directed by michael a frank.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Saturday, August 19, 2006

This past Thursday i once again had Vinny Raffa and the Posse back in the studio, but also visting was Sasha and da Bitches a newely formed group consisting of 2 girls singers Lauren and (i don't have the other girls name in front of me) and a keyboardist i think his name was Scott. Well Quinn interviewed them for a while before they performed 3 of there songs live on the radio. Lauren had a great voice, but the music was not my type, so i can't say i loved it. But it was pleasent to listen to. But when i told Lauren the Posse was in the house, to do some freestlying she said she loved to freestlye and proceeded to show me her skills..I was blown away and the wheels in my head started to turn, it would be good to get Lauren to sing with Brass, Quiet Storm, and Bones. I would construct a supergroup right on the spot..Well with a big smile on my face i am proud to share with you the first ever live recording of that freestyle song that came to be this special night. Listen Here

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Last Thursdays show was again full of surprises, with Vinny Raffa and the posse stopping by the Hudsonhouse where IronAction Radio and Rockland World Radio Teamed up, to take over the airwaves, this will be an ongoing project each Thursday as we willbe having diffrent acts coming down the the HH to perform and be a guest on the station..this is a clip of what was going down last thursday, Brass and K-Rock, Quiet Storm and Bones tore it up on the mic, and the Internationaly know Redman stopped by to check out the station. This Thursday should again be off the hook. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 04, 2006

Great show tonight, The infamous Vinny Raffa and his posse stopped by to do a show that was so entertaining i find it more enjoyable to listen to it then to be part of it. Looks like it could be the beginning of a new weekly show, a hip hop show that was much needed here on the radio. I still have a skateboard to give away and maybe will give it to the first person who comments on this post, pluse hats and great stickers..also i just recieved the new pirate Radio T-shirts, they are the best dam shirts ever, I haven't seen a hotter shirt, and will be making it a little harder to get these, cause these are so dam nice!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Last night there was a Rockland World Radio party at the Hudson House. I was a special Guest DJ, I decided to similcast the show on ironaction radio 102.5fm. Richard Quinn and i decided to combine forces this night and it turned out to be a nice night, The good thing about broadcasting from another studio is that i was able to give out the phone number and get listener feedback. we got a few phone calls and that strengthen the fact that Iron Action Radio is a widley listen to station in the Nyack area.. So now Quinn from RWR would like to continue the bond between both stations and have me come in during the week and do a show from the Hudson House studio.. this looks like a great opportunity to figure out what day would be be continued

here is the link for Rockland World Radio

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Just a quick update, Radio is going strong, tomorrow night wednesday Janet from "The Hook" Magazine will be stopping by the studio to take some photos of the studio for an upcoming article, so for those listeners who would like to see the inside of the underground studio here watch for the photos in the upcoming issue of the hook magazine.

A whole new batch of radio t-shirts are done and ready to be given away if you would like one please email me your address and size and i will get one right out to you. long sleeve or short sleeve.

remember to tune in each day starting around 4pm till 2am for all your nyack news and info and great music and comedy..

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I am working on making a whole new design of Pirate radio T-shirts. Geronimo, a listener got this drawn by a friend of his that is a pretty reknown graffiti artist. Look for the tshirts coming within the month of June

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Iron Action Radio is taking back the airways, Broadcasting every day 5pm-2am on 102.5fm

A) The future has imploded onto the present. The new battlefield is people's minds

B) The megacorps are the new governments

c) The world is splintering into a trillion subcultures and designer cults with their own languages, codes, and lifestyles.

d) Computer generated info-domains are the next frontiers

* Information wants to be free
* Mistrust Authority
* Do It Yourself
* Fight the Power
* Surf the Edges

What is Nyack Pirate Radio?

Taking the airwaves back from the corporations and using it for the benefit of the people. This requires RISK, TIME, and DEDICATION. I guess I got kind of proud over the last few weeks when I got so many nice e-mails telling me what a exciting thing I am doing, How cool it is to hear something that's so on the edge, in a day when things are so dull when it comes to media. When you can go online and download anything thing you want. Sometimes I wonder how can a Pirate Station compete..Well you can't compete online. You can't compete podcasting, its just not about that..These venues or vehicles of communication have been forced upon us just like all the corporate media has been shoved down our throats brainwashing us to believe in all kinds of propaganda, and to steer us away from developing our own truths and learning the old fashion way. That's why a Pirate broadcasters learn how send their voice out, They fight against the corporate greed stations, They do not do it for the money, but for the voice of the small people who want to believe there something out there to believe in something different then what's thrown at them each and every day.

Thats what this radio is!

Nyack Pirate radio station 102.5fm is back on the air
as of yesterday, be sure to tune in to hear all the
Nyack Social Scene news and events announced each
hour. The station will be focusing alot more on the
nyack scene and whats happening each night, reports
featuring the latest relevent post on the NSS and
updates on everything nyack


Nyack Calendar of events for the week
Bar and restaurant news (drink and menu specials)
Local Nyack store specials
Community news
and much more

so for those who can use another outlet to get there
news to the Nyack Public remember to post to the NSS
and if you want it to be announced on the radio Just
email me the info and it will be anounced daily up to
the event date.

Thes station takes the airwaves each day usually
around 5pm till 1-2am will a wide variety of music and
nyack info, you can tune in on 102.5fm and if you are
not in front a radio, you can listen online at

Thursday, April 13, 2006

A little update on the show, The Stations popularity has really taken off lately, people have come up to me in the mall to say hi and how much they enjoy the show. This is a great motivation, The next goal is to get Steven Berstein a renown jazz musician to do a show, and also Sam The Magic Man Wayman would be a nice addition to the schedule. Sunday is the day for Jazz here on Iron Action Radio, but you can find it anytime any day. DJ Legs will be here tonight so tune in and enjoy, You can tune in on 102.5fm in the Nyack Area, or on the internet at

Here is a little Cartoon of me, That a listen
er made, Not Bad..

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dj legs And DJ Johnny Silver set up at Natraz where we are having a Iron Action Radio Party, We ended up giving out all our t-shirts, the internet connection was faulty for the link to the studio, but overall the night was a blast. Posted by Picasa
Here Steve Bard sports a cool Iron Action Radio T-shirt as he rocks out

Damn its tough to be a pirate!!