Thursday, January 06, 2005

Wednesday show was off the hook, the journal nws was here sitting in on the show,taking pictures and inerviewing friends of the show, it was definitely a good show, lori and Carrie of the superstar side show stopped by to debut there single "Scientist" at one point there was 4 request one after another, for the that song..

So the Big Article will be in the Journal news Saturday Jan 8th, it could be an interesting week following with the amount of new listeners that might tune in, and the bigger chance of being shut down now, it was kind of a bold move to be on the front page doing an illegal activity. But that's the risk you gotta take.. I might broadcast live from the Hudson house sat night..That will be the first remote broadcast, and will be stream of the web too..BIG BIG week

started the show right on time 9pm, and everything is going smooth, going to decide if I want to document the songs I am playing.. More to come


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