Thursday, January 20, 2005

Winding up the show tonight, going on 2am, had a few good emails of supporters, and new listeners, tonight I read many new articles that were branches off te journal news article that came out last week, apparently the one guy from thinks that it was foolish idea to have an article about the pirate station, that its not the right thing to do to if your going to be a "clandestine station". I always thought that cladestine stations were very cool, just because for there name. But in those terms that envision a cladestine station to be one that is running a station ..Well here is a good explanation that I found off the net that can describe one better then I can..

"Clandestine broadcasting is a highly effective weapon in the arsenal of psychological warfare, which, when analyzed, can assist observers to cut through the fog of war and ascertain the strength and capabilities of opposition groups as well as actual on-the-ground military strategies"

well I can tell you tonight I thought a lot about the purpose of this station and the risks I am taking, is it worth the fight, Yes..The goal here is not to be clandestine, and secret, but its to have the station be a focal point for the community of nyack, something this community does not have or will not have, based on the FCC frequency regulations. Hey 102.5fm is not used, its static, but because of the closeness of other frequencies, no station will ever be licensed here. What I am doing is a service to the community, it does not step on any feet, I do not hijack any stations freq, steal any listeners. well as you can see it is late again, how long can I keep it up, I been up most of the night for the last 2 weeks, maybe when I do get busted, I will be able to get some sleep. Started filming the 3rd part in the series of films about the pirate radio show, I expect it to be the best one, how can I say that when 3 havent even been completed yet, well, I have a feeling this next month we will have alot of new material to use in explicting the life and times of 102.5fm

here are some article I found on the web about the station.

sorry abou the spelling, to lazy to check it now and to tired

goodnight everyone


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