Saturday, March 24, 2007

Iron Action Radio, Nyacks Pirate Radio 102.5fm

Iron Action Radio, Nyacks Pirate Radio 102.5fm

Getting back in the groove. This last week with a few new shows on tap, Ever since the arrival of Baby Pirate Dj Sawyer I know the shows have been not the most original, But at least the radio is on every night with great music and some surprises. Ok now for some news.. I am changing the Schedule around a bit, starting the pirate broadcast closer to 6pm each night , including the weekends. The only major change is that i will be doing late night comedy and random audio books late in the evening, usually starting after midnight, With Art Bell shows Sunday Nights.
I am also closing down the wanted reward for Dawit, the reward got as high as 400.00 and no one could get him out and down to see me, and now that he has contacted me by himself the reward will be used for another purpose. well thats it for now, please remember you can listen anytime after 6pm on 102.5fm in the Nyack Tarrytown Area and online at

DJ Johnny Silver


Blogger ^Sunrise said...

ahoy hoy!
Former listener from Melbourne, Australia here (I've sent you emails while listening 2-3 years ago now).
Just wondering what the hell has happend, (This blog is dead! :( ) (and the radio??)

Keep taking the airwaves back and having it for the people!

5:51 AM  

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