Saturday, September 30, 2006

Nyack Live
A cutting edge music and talk variety show with special guests coming to you 'Live form Nyack.'
Time: 8:00pm-12:00am Thursdays
Quinn the Eskimo & DJ Johnny Silver & DJ Watts

This past thursday we had LDJ and Building 3 stop by and throw down some freestlye, I was a little late getting to the studio, so Dj watts got things rollin, by the time i stepped in the studio things were blazin (literally). The most hyped about LDJ and crew were slinging the rymes full force, the 40's being past around and smoke filled the room. Now get week we are having a Doctor of Chiropracty to start things off to talk about holistic is that for Thursday night variety! So tune in to the best radio ever. I also can't leave out Marc Ferr stopping in at mid-night to rock the house with some great songs


Anonymous J-MO-ICE said...

What's good Nyack Radio? This is J-Mo-Ice repping that "BLDG3". I just want to give you guys a shout out for letting us come up and tear the house down. Remember you must promote us we are from Nyack..

Bldg3 Waddup!!!

we also have a group on my space

Let the people know. We're taking over the world fuck the USA...

Bldg 3 Radio I like how that sounds. Can we get a segment.....

5:19 PM  

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