Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Well Mondays show started slow, but over the weekend, I got a lot of feedback from people who have been listening. As it always seems to happen with pirates we never know who is out there listening, and how many people actually do listen, but if last Fridays night out on the town was any indication, the station is getting huge..Again. Got another email today from a reporter from the Resonance magazine who wants to do a story on Pirate Radio, I am not sure if they wants to focus on iron action or will it be a general article covering the movement of pirate radio today. Well we will see..The magazine is a good one, and considering the amount of press received this past month, this article could really propel the station into pirate history.
As I end the show tonight, I learned a lot again, more about the professional mic I have and the new mixer. I want to add some pictures tomorrow of the station, and plan out a remote broadcast that will happen later this week..


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