Monday, August 08, 2005

  • Friday nights show was interrupted by a suspicious looking vehicle stopping in front of the transmitter site, and continuously driving forward then backing up about 5 times. All i can think of is the FCC taking power readings off the antenna, and trying to locate the tx site. I turned it off right away, and the car drove off, I needed to know if it was the feds so i waited 15 min and went back on the air..sure enough the car returned, this time accompanied by a mini van, i shut off again and didn't return to the air that night.. the whole weekend i thought about what was i going to do Monday night, return to the airwaves, or let things cool off for a week or 2.. I got in this for the love of radio and especially small community radio, something Nyack can't possibly get without someone taking things into there own hands. Not that i want to be the savior to Nyacks Radio problem, or lack of. It's the reaction i am getting each day from new listeners that is encouraging me to continue. To know you are sending your voice out into the night and having people tune in to hear your thoughts, your music, to get informed about "their" community that they live in. The events, the politics.. there is just so much..the risk is worth it. I don't want to Hide, or run trying to broadcast, after a while that gets tiring, but at this time i have the energy, thanks to my listeners, so tonight i move the station again, trying to keep on step ahead, and i will plan the next step, and the one after that. So tune in Listen to Local Community radio, Pirate radio in it's purest form, and if you hear the station go off the Air all of a sudden, then its just me staying one step ahead!

    Tune in tonight 102.5fm 9p-2am and every night
DJ Johnny Silver

Also Listen on (do a search for "nyack pirate radio") click listen


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