Thursday, April 14, 2005

I just wanted to show everyone the set up i am using when i broadcast remote, this is at the window at Reality Bites in downtown Nyack. The Laptop on the left, i am using for my music which goes into a nice little soundcraft mixer then out into line in on the other laptop, from there..I opened up Realitys Linksys router config settings and opened up a port that i am sending my signal out.The software i am using is Nullsoft (shoutcast server that i am running on my laptop) the Audio go out over the internet and back at the main studio where the transmitter is. Here it is streamed in (by going to and listening to "the sound of the underground" and then sent back out thru the TX and out over the airwaves. thereis a 1 minute delay from when i send it out and hear it back over the airwaves, i am working on a different configuation to make that less annoying, I want to thanks a listener in Australia "sunrise" for some suggestions .


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