Friday, May 06, 2005

The Remote broadcast yesterday was a big disaster, cause i couldn't get a good wireless connection at the location i was broadcasting from, (Reality Bites) probably caused by my old Laptop. I have on schedule that Thursdays i will be doing "remote" broadcast, but i think there is something more exciting to be done on that night. I will continue to do the remote broadcast, but instead i will bring back an old radio show program i developed back in the original days of the radio (97'-98')

The Show is called "My so called Life on the Radio" and i walk around Nyack in total disquise, and visit the diffrent establishments, and do "real radio" getting myself in diffrent situations that are stimulating and fun for listeners. I will try to set this show up for next thursday. Each disquise will be a totally different radio character, and have a totally different personality.


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