Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just want to remind everyone of a great show tonight. Tonight we have "The Girls Next Door" DJ Frankie, and DJ Marie Kick things off around 8:30 tonight, Can listen on the web at www.nyackradio.com.

Iron Action RAdio is Nyack's Pirate Radio Station Broadcasting every Night usually starting late afternoon on 102.5fm in the Nyack Area and on the web all over the world, so even if your not hanging in Nyack you can hear about whats going on.

Dj Johnny Silver


Monday- Classic Rock then Work gang and Prison Blues

Tuesday- 80's and then the Girls Next Door then Techno late night

Wednesday- DJ Johnny Silver then DJ C-Train then Techno late night

Thursday- Nyack Weekend updates, music and DJ Legs the Wayward Sailer

Friday- Nyack Info, Music,and Classic old school hip late night

Saturday- Great Reggae day and great music at night, featuring all local talent so if you want to get your song on the radio , email me

Sunday..Reggae morning, acid jazz and ultra cool funk


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