Thursday, February 23, 2006

Tomorrow Thursday, i am not sure is DJ Legz will be here if not i will try to get Jeronimo to stop by. Also during the early evening, Paul Riismandel From mediageek will be calling the station to Interview me about the station, paul has one of the most comprehensive websites on radio media well basically everything Media. Mediageek, dealing with stations on the fringe of the law ...Pirates! I will try to broadcast this live if i can set it up, so tune in at 7pm for that call.

I wanted to make sure everyone that checks the blog knows i am back on during the day.
Do to demand, i am going to take over the airwaves around 1pm each
day, Starting Today, so look for the Pirate anytime between 1pm and
2am, for great variety shows, Music and constant Nyack News and Info.

Also you can now tune in online at the updated Nyack radio web
site..the address is simple just press the
listen live button.

So remember to tune in when your in Nyack or from Work on the internet.

DJ johnny Silver


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