Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Nyack Pirate radio station 102.5fm is back on the air
as of yesterday, be sure to tune in to hear all the
Nyack Social Scene news and events announced each
hour. The station will be focusing alot more on the
nyack scene and whats happening each night, reports
featuring the latest relevent post on the NSS and
updates on everything nyack


Nyack Calendar of events for the week
Bar and restaurant news (drink and menu specials)
Local Nyack store specials
Community news
and much more

so for those who can use another outlet to get there
news to the Nyack Public remember to post to the NSS
and if you want it to be announced on the radio Just
email me the info and it will be anounced daily up to
the event date.

Thes station takes the airwaves each day usually
around 5pm till 1-2am will a wide variety of music and
nyack info, you can tune in on 102.5fm and if you are
not in front a radio, you can listen online at


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