Saturday, August 19, 2006

This past Thursday i once again had Vinny Raffa and the Posse back in the studio, but also visting was Sasha and da Bitches a newely formed group consisting of 2 girls singers Lauren and (i don't have the other girls name in front of me) and a keyboardist i think his name was Scott. Well Quinn interviewed them for a while before they performed 3 of there songs live on the radio. Lauren had a great voice, but the music was not my type, so i can't say i loved it. But it was pleasent to listen to. But when i told Lauren the Posse was in the house, to do some freestlying she said she loved to freestlye and proceeded to show me her skills..I was blown away and the wheels in my head started to turn, it would be good to get Lauren to sing with Brass, Quiet Storm, and Bones. I would construct a supergroup right on the spot..Well with a big smile on my face i am proud to share with you the first ever live recording of that freestyle song that came to be this special night. Listen Here


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