Friday, August 04, 2006

Great show tonight, The infamous Vinny Raffa and his posse stopped by to do a show that was so entertaining i find it more enjoyable to listen to it then to be part of it. Looks like it could be the beginning of a new weekly show, a hip hop show that was much needed here on the radio. I still have a skateboard to give away and maybe will give it to the first person who comments on this post, pluse hats and great stickers..also i just recieved the new pirate Radio T-shirts, they are the best dam shirts ever, I haven't seen a hotter shirt, and will be making it a little harder to get these, cause these are so dam nice!


Blogger Susan said...

It looks like you had a blast last night. On my side of the was amazing.


7:34 PM  
Anonymous dbhowbx said...

great show last night! tell vinny the white looks super slimming! sweet new shirts, guys. david.

12:31 AM  

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