Thursday, March 24, 2005

ok so its been about 3 weeks since i been off the air. i used this time to move the transmitter and actualy build an amp (100 watt) amp to boost the signal. so sitting here after 4 mojitos i get find out the amp has failed its test and has to be redone, so hopefully i will be on the air by the end of next week. But it should be good, i will be boosting the power up 4 times and having new dj's and an original dj from when i was on the air in 97' dj Kate (trance) will be joining the station next week. So what else, i got some new show ideas and new songs that will be premiered on the station, other then that i will try to update this bog more often now as i get closer to getting back on the air, things will get big very fast here at Iron action radio


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