Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So Tonight i started my new "show idea" The Wheel of Found Fortune..thats just a tentative name until i think of a better one.. i put together this wheel, something like the one on wheel of fortune and there are 10 dollar amounts up on the wheel from (4) 10 dollars bills (5) 20 dollar bills and (1) 50 dollar bill, i will spin this each night and the dollar amount that comes up, I will hide somewhere in Nyack ie..under a brink, in a balloon, in a hole, lamp post..ect, that night after i places to money i will give a clue, and or puzzle to lead you to the money..stupid idea huh..well i like burying treasure around Nyack ( i am a pirate afterall). so tune in each night for the clues and riddle or puzzle. I will mention the clues on each hour through out the show. Hey this is my way of bribing people to tune in, cause i know once you tune in you will always be coming back! I hope this catches on.. i see a some one able to make alot of money each week if they are the only listener or get to the location first.. if i spin (3) 50 dollar bills in a week thats $150, i didn't have to do the math for you, oh yeah i will add a photo clue on the blog each night also..
So i Almost forgot, i got a great theme song for this little show idea, Spinning wheel, by blood sweat and tears, when this song played it means its time to spin the wheel of found fortune!!


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