Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Iron Action Radio is taking back the airways, Broadcasting every day 5pm-2am on 102.5fm

A) The future has imploded onto the present. The new battlefield is people's minds

B) The megacorps are the new governments

c) The world is splintering into a trillion subcultures and designer cults with their own languages, codes, and lifestyles.

d) Computer generated info-domains are the next frontiers

* Information wants to be free
* Mistrust Authority
* Do It Yourself
* Fight the Power
* Surf the Edges

What is Nyack Pirate Radio?

Taking the airwaves back from the corporations and using it for the benefit of the people. This requires RISK, TIME, and DEDICATION. I guess I got kind of proud over the last few weeks when I got so many nice e-mails telling me what a exciting thing I am doing, How cool it is to hear something that's so on the edge, in a day when things are so dull when it comes to media. When you can go online and download anything thing you want. Sometimes I wonder how can a Pirate Station compete..Well you can't compete online. You can't compete podcasting, its just not about that..These venues or vehicles of communication have been forced upon us just like all the corporate media has been shoved down our throats brainwashing us to believe in all kinds of propaganda, and to steer us away from developing our own truths and learning the old fashion way. That's why a Pirate broadcasters learn how send their voice out, They fight against the corporate greed stations, They do not do it for the money, but for the voice of the small people who want to believe there something out there to believe in something different then what's thrown at them each and every day.

Thats what this radio is!


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