Friday, April 08, 2005

Well last night was the first remote broadcast of Iron Action Radio, it was a great turnout, live at Reality Bites, what a beautiful place to broadcast from,live in the front window right on main street. the transmitter is clean and strong, and was able to do the remote by sending the signal over the internet, via the shoutcast server, and receive it in the studio and from there send it live over the air.. the funny thing was there was a 1 minute delay. also during the night we showed the new trailer for the next film about the radio's battle with the FCC, This you can see this with the two other films at Tonight i raised the antenna up another 6 feet and hope to get the amp cranking at 110 watts. Tune in each night on 102.5fm and now broadcasting live on the internet the best way to get the stream right now is to go to and do a search for "the sound of the underground" and just hit listen..enjoy

p.s This photo is of the filming of part 3 "The Return of The Agent" DJ Johnny arrives back to the year 2005 from 1976 right in the middle of a heavy metal concert


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