Monday, April 11, 2005

Well last night we had Alex stop by to take some photos of the Undergound station, the show had alot of guest dj's, The photo above shows DJ C-Train manning the mic. Blind Man Lou stopped in for the show, and we took over the airwaves early this night. I added a new mic to the station tonight, found out the importance of speaking properly on the mic, Learn where the sweet spot is on the mic, it will make your show more enjoyable to listen to. Even though i am streaming over the internet, i feel the true radio experiance is found over the fm airwaves, and anyone wanting to feel the pure thrill of broadcasting, needs to be on the airwaves.


Blogger dawit said...

That was a good broadcast you did jhonny with Alex (photograher) it was a blast we had good job every body who got involved. It all abou the people. Information wants to be free, the new gov. is the megacorps.

The show on 11th ,april was exellent good music, C-Train has a very cool voice on the radio, and DJ jhonny is an exellent radio . sound . keep it up jhonny this is DJ DAWIT

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