Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I was thinking last night, that my decision to stream the station could lead to my downfall. Now each night when i turn on my transmitter to transmit on 102.5fm in my town, i also turn on my shoutcast server, and while i am sitting there i can see who opens a stream on the internet to listen to the station, and when the stream closes, info provided gives me the ip address of the listener, and some other info on there os, and what program they are usuing when listening, this is a great tool, and makes it more enjoyable to broadcast when you see people out there streaming your station. last night i had listners tune in from all over the world, each time i stream would open i would put there ip address into an IP search tool and it would give me there location. I had listeners from Oregon, California, Indiana, Amsterdam, Australia, and Asia. It is very exciting actually know they are listening and then send them out a song.

The problem here is.... just as easily as i found out where they were, can someone find out where i am broadcasting from? The studio is always being moved around, but it seems like the streaming will always be a trail to me.. any way to mask this trail? anyway to continue to stream and still be clandestine...How long will it last.......


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