Tuesday, October 25, 2005

  • Ok so i havent posted in a while, The radio takes up so much time, i am about to take on some extra DJ's, the winter is approaching fast and this could be a great season for the radio, i need to get a very professional web site up and running, and will be working on that this week, i am contining to stream the shows and last nights show was one of the best. I rememer reading somewhere.. be it about TV or about radio, but it had to do with Media, It was a formula to figure out how many people you had listening.. it said for everyone one you know is listening, in my case ..from E-mail, Seeing the IP logged on to the screen or word of mouth, that there are 15 other people listening. so last night i had a lot of emails from diffrent people, and a few new ones ..thanks Mike for the funny emails and the support, well i figure i knew about 30 people listening last night, so using the formula that would mean about 400-500 people were tuned in at some time last night..WOW, could that be right?? whats that formula..keep the emails coming, i will start posting some of the funny ones on here. Tonight is Tuesday and Frankie is going to do a show, a R&B starter rolling into some classic Rock, I will let her run with it and see how it goes. Remeber you can tune in in the Nyack Area on 102.5fm or on the internet www.shoutcast.com and do a search for Nyack Pirate Radio on the search bar on the right. More to come hope you enjoy it..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you listed your blog in a blog directory?

"personal blog" is what I used to find your blog on google

personal blog

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Blogger Roberto Iza Valdes said...

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