Tuesday, November 15, 2005

  • Each Night the show gets better and better, as you know you can tune
    in at night on 102.5fm starting around 7-8pm now and on the internet @
    www.shoutcast.com and do a search for Nyack.

    But now i am replaying each nights show the following day on the
    internet for those at work or anywhere who would like to hear the show
    again or for the first time, just goto www.shoutcast.com and search
    Nyack..and click Listen.

    Last nights show was a great show dedicated to the full moon, lots of
    great request, and a theme show based around the moon. some of the
    songs played

    grantchester meadows beatles
    moonlight mile nick drake
    pink moon beatles
    mr moonlight beatles
    the lunatics are on the grass pink floyd
    under the sun, moon and stars Jimmy Cliff
    Bad moon rising CCR
    Full moon fever Tom Petty
    Havest moon Neil Young
    Moon River Andy Willaims
    Moonshadow Cat Stevens
    DArk side of the moon Pink Floyd

    then i played a nice rare set of The Doors

    Hyacinth house
    the woman is a devil
    whiskey, mystics and men
    moonlight drive
    who scared you

    Then i did a segment on Buried Treasure in Rockland county, and some
    other rockland history and lore

    the night ended late around around 2:30 with a nice hour set of spoken
    word and techno

    And finally some great emails

    I've only heard the song a couple of times and I know that it's that
    dudes first outing as a solo so I'm surprised to hear that you got a
    live version. As I said, it's a good tune but the kick is hearing him
    say Nyack. Last night you played some really magnificent tunes and
    seemed more inspired than some other nights (not a knock). I'm really
    down with the Piracy thing, my first experience. Did you know you can
    be heard clearly in Tarrytown ? I live in Nyack now but that's my
    hometown and I've turned some friends on to you. Keep up the good work.


    I've just eaten three bowls of cereal and can't move !! the only one
    who can save me is Johnny Winter. Please play "Highway 61 Revisited"
    from Dylan's 30th Anniv. celebration.
    Better than C.P.R. bro

    heres one from Australia

    3 bowls of cereal? Sounds like someone has the munchies...

    How about playin stairway to heaven?

    - ^Sunrise

    Since your getting moony why don't you play "Pink Moon" by Nick Drake,
    it's much more than a car commercial. oh yea, and how bout' Dean
    Martin " that's amore"

    yo johnny, tonight the moon will conjunct mars @ 12 degrees taurus (at
    its closest mars will be 2 degrees south of the moon) 11:43PM
    tomorrow night at 7:58PM the moon will be opposite the sun (180
    degrees) @ 23 degrees taurus/scorpio so much for that i think a good
    moon song is THE LUNATICS ARE ON THE GRASS PINK FLOYD--standing by

    hello john how are u nice show today i didnt know u were on sunday i
    wanted to tell you shoutcast is down .
    take care

    god bless

    please play NAKED EYE BY THE WHO thanx also found remaining 20 on the
    stairs awaiting further clues keep on keepin' on-GERONIMO

    Tanks for all the support, and remeber to tune in whenever your
    driving around nyack at night or at home, Music and news for Nyack
    about Nyack


    Iron Action Radio
    Nyacks Pirate Radio

    DJ Johnny Silver


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