Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I used Thanksgiving weekend to go on pretty much around the clock. It was a great bunch of shows and i got some new listeners from it, one being Nyack Wine and Liquors, and the other Lifestyle Jeans, both down in the Nyack center. I also had a new dj come by and do a show. Geronimo! He had a great selection of reggae and was very knowledgable about all things..Oh and Terror Tim donated for the station a new processor that has tightened up the sound, Thanks Tim, and thanks for the great practical joke played, I was pretty freaked by the FCC notice i received. but he let me off the hook, by telling me that he was the sender.
On Dec 15th there will be a NSS party at Natraz with BardTodd playing, I want to use this event to make my first major remote broadcast, so i am recruiting Tim and some others to help in the broadcast. As the winter comes on quickly i have the urge to go on during the day also to keep Nyack updated on weather and other news worthy events... more on this later


Anonymous Anonymous said...

where the fuck did you go ????? how do you expect to start a revolution if you dont show up ?

6:52 PM  

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