Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Well i am back from the vacation i took for the Holidays, more motivated, and with a new schedule for the station. The first news of the day is i will be back on the air starting tonight on the radio you can tune to 102.5fm and if you are out of listening range you can listen on the internet at www.shoutcast.com and do a search for Nyack pirate.
I will be adjusting the hours a bit, i will now start the station aound 5pm for the poor souls that are stuck in traffic on the TZ bridge. I will be playing mostly music from 5pm-9pm and jumping on and off in between to give local updates and news about Nyack.
At 9pm each night is when the real programming starts, Starting with an update on any News that is about nyack for the day, and where the entertainment is for the night and week ahead, I will try to follow up these updates on the hour and on the half hour. As for the Music format, well i will keep that unique, diversed, and mostely driven my listeners request via emailnyackradio@hotmail.com.
I am concidering going on also during the day, and will hopefully get some feedback on this to see how many listeners that might be interested, this i will weigh against the risks.
Well the main thing is the station is on tonight and everynight starting at 5pm now, will more intense programming starting around 9pm, look for great music, and great commentary about Nyack. Local New, Events, Nyack Social Scene, restaurant reviews, and much more.
*Paranormal show
*Local Artist hour (and if you are a local artist, please get in touch with me to have your music played on the station)
*Nyack Mid-Week Report
*Remote Broadcasts for places in Nyack
*Guest DJ's

and finally i just started a myspace page http://www.myspace.com/djjohnnysilver

Happy New Year
DJ Johnny Silver
Iron Action Radio


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