Thursday, January 05, 2006

I am so glad i Taped tonight show, its not even done yet, Public Enemy is ruling the airwaves and the beat is kicking ass, it has brought the station to the next level "Black steel in the hour of Chaos" is the song, and next up is "Rebel without a Pause", These 2 songs alone have convinced me to start adding more old school hip hop to the station..better yet, lets just announce right now that 1am to 2am is Classic Hip Hop Hour, and i will garrantee every song will be hard core, and unforgetable. I got my first order in of the Pirate radio T-shirts i ordered, i gave away 3 tonight to listeners that were the first to email in. The shirts are very cool, and you would like one just email me at to the radio..... here are some of the emails


Nice playlist tonight!! Keep up the good work!!! Ill be listening on the stereo for a lil while. Also, I second your praise for the San Juan Cafe, great cuban!!! Cuban sandwiches, rice & chorizo and the bacalao on fridays is to die for!!

Funny...didnt realize nyack had a lot of lesbians??? have you seen any resently????


Hey Dj silver and C train,
It's melissa, the old time # 1 listner, its been a
while But I tuned in tonight...I've been listening
while I've been reorganizing my room... How about a
t-shirt? I'd wear it proudy : )
yo johnny signal sounding better than ever please play PASS THE CUTCHIE BY THE MIGHTY DIAMONDS-& also please play NEW YORK MINING DISASTER BY THE BEEGEES-does this mean i get a t-shirt? o yeah, in case of an on-air raid the best thing to say would be i think is END TRANSMISSION-signing off-GERONIMO

Awesome!!!!  Thanks Johnny!  I'm so excited to be
rocking an Iron Action Radio T-shirt. How about some
Mazzy Star or Brian Jonestown Massacre? I'm glad
you're doing the streaming online thing cause I can
tune in when I'm at work while you're broadcasting for
the TZ traffic crowd. I plan on tuning in more now
that I've arranged my room so I actually want to just
chill out in here and listen to music. Cool, well
thanks as always!
~ Melissa


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