Thursday, January 19, 2006

So i ordered a bunch of T-shirts from The RC here in Nyack (The RC is a t-shirt place on Main St), I went down to to pick them up and WOW.. i see he liked them so much he decided to put them for sale in the window.I thought it was a great idea for advertising the station so i let him keep one in the window to sell, maybe i should get a couple more up there. Bythe way i got the larges in and extra large to, and as long as i have them in stock i willsend them to anyone who supports the station and listens, So Just email me and give me your address and one will be in the mail,Or if you live in the Nyack Area i will hand it to you over a martini.. what a great show tonight.funny as shit, i will be onthe air tomorrow at noon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi johnny,
its rachel, the german girl from germany (nyack/indian place/todd...troublemaka)!
i hope you are surfing the edges and ur marriage is a wholelottafun:-)
can i still get a shirt from you? would be wonderful!
i'm back in germany now, though, working and snowboarding (you should check it out!), but b back for vacation in ny soon...
pls. write me:
take care,

4:48 PM  

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