Thursday, January 19, 2006

Yesterday i started broadcasting during the day to test the waters, and because there was quite a storm brewing here in Nyack, Well i was on for the first hour or so when i decide to go out and walk the dog, I went out to find the antenna blown down off the roof and mangled on the ground. I was lucky to have spare Comet still in its package, so i ripped it open and did the fastest repair job ever i was back on the air in less then an hour, I just wish i took some photos of the Antenna before i dismantled it.. Last nights show was good and was recorded for podcasting in the future, i am about to start up now again at noon for another great show. I am getting alot more listeners emailing and just mentioning the station out and about in Nyack, it has motivated me to try to better my programming and actually i might atttempt my "so called life on the radio" show today..well more on this later time to turn on the TX


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