Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Schedule Changes

  1. Monday-Friday
  • 12pm-5pm -Dj Johnny Silver
  • 5pm-6pm -Drive @ 5 (An Hour dedicated to the TZ bridge Traffic)
  • 6pm-9pm-Classic Rock with DJ Silver w/ Nyack Updates and News

  • Monday
  • 9pm-11pm-Old Time Blues -Rockland History and Lore (Prison work-farm Blues)
  • 11pm-2am-Dj Johnny Silver, Comedy, Techno
  • Tuesday
  • 8pm-11pm- The "L word" Radio Show (Nyacks Lesbian Show)
  • 11pm-1am- DJ Johnny Silver
  • Wednesday
  • 9pm-11pm-C-Train and Crew (punk, rock, surfer chick)
  • 11pm-12am- Comedy Hour
  • 12am-2am-Replay of best of day shows
  • Thursday
  • 12pm-5pm-Dj Johnny Silver
  • 5pm-12am- My So Called Life On The Radio (The real life adventures of DJ Johnny Silver, A special show being developed following Dj Johnny Silver with his mic around town live, as he gets in and out of trouble. This is experimental radio
  • 12am-2am-techno and replay of best of day shows
  • Friday
  • 9pm-12am-Classic Hip Hop and Rock/ With updates on whats happening in Nyack


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