Friday, February 17, 2006

Its been a while since i updated the site here, There is just so much going on with the station, and the listenership has skyrocketed, DJ Legzz had another great show last night, it was a one of the funnier shows we did together. His wayward sailor persona is enjoyable. I added another 10ft to the antenna height and that has help the range of the signal, the only problem there is a wind storm today and i am afraid the whole thing could come crashing down any sec...ahh the life of a pirate broadcaster. So the internet has also become a viable source for listeners, but i still push that true pirate radio is over the airwaves. My next project is to finish the Nyack Pirate radio web site and i will use this weekend to do that and just have a streaming link added to the the site. right now if you would like to listen you must goto and do a search for Nyack pirate, but hey this just i was typing this blog entry the antenna was blown over on the roof and i just had dj legz come over to help get it back up and secure, so i took some photos of the action and i will add some pictures of the DJ Legz show in action.. and hey just got a phone call from tim terror who said he is picking me up in the bronx, WOW!! thats great news as the bronx is about 20 miles away 4 town away..i am skipping right down the Hudson River with the signal..well let me get these photos on here!
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