Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tonights show was so original and i forgot to record it, but to give you a little taste of it i played and discovers some great music..As the schedule now states, Tonight (Monday) was Rockland History and Lore, Old Time Blues with Prison Work Gang Music. Where you going to get a combo like that! well The blues was a mix of 1930 prison songs, and working our way up to Louis Jordan, Which totally blew me away. Tomorrow i want to start up the station around noon and see how that goes, as i might get a break just watching the Lesbians at the station tomorrow. so tune in and listen for the new call in Number. You can tune in on www.shoutcast.com and do a search for Nyack pirate, or if your in the Nyack Area just tune in on 102.5fm..oh yeah here is one of the best emails i ever recieved from a listener enjoy.

The station sounds great I think my favorite time is when you and Courtney are bantering back and forth. Like the night she went to the bathroom during her show and she got pissed that you said she was taking a piss." I didn't tell them you were peeing" (pause) "everyone knows girls don't pee ,,,,, or poop" It was good fast paced bantor about Nyack stuff and relationship humor. Oh, and making fun of her music was histerical. Cutting off her song etc it was funny. I sat in my truck for 20 minutes laughing before I went in my house because I didn't want to miss anything.


Anonymous Ctrain said...

Great email from a listener!!! I am glad that my emotions are entertainment for the listeners. I hope that my Wednesday night shows will improve over the next few weeks.

I love when you are on the radio during the day as I sit chained to my desk. You motivate me to get off my ass and do something for myself- to cut this chain. Thank you.
-DJ Ctrain

12:21 PM  

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