Monday, July 18, 2005

So .. Terror Tim, has really hooked me up, by repairing all my blown transmitters, giving me a total of 4 working TX's, Tonight i am trying out the Veronica 30 watt and progessive concept 100 watt amp, ties all together with a Comet antenna, and tomorrow i will tune up the Taylor. Had to retune the natenna tonight to bring down my SWR.. I will beginning to ask for some original shows to be sent to the station. I would like to test out the podcasting. need to go over the schedule.. just rambling now, people are out there listening, but i keep failing to send the broadcast over the internet..need to take care of that

Thursday, July 14, 2005

I been off the air for about a month now taking careof some Personal Business (getting married, and Honeymoon), And now back in Nyack, to "take Back" the airwaves again, starting tonight, i will be broadcasting live on 102.5fm and on the Internet (email me to get site if interested). Starting at 9pm and each night at 9pm till 2am. Great music, news and events in Nyack, and a whole lot of other programming usually guest dj's and getting in trouble with the FCC.. Please tune in and take a listen..

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