Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tonights show was so original and i forgot to record it, but to give you a little taste of it i played and discovers some great music..As the schedule now states, Tonight (Monday) was Rockland History and Lore, Old Time Blues with Prison Work Gang Music. Where you going to get a combo like that! well The blues was a mix of 1930 prison songs, and working our way up to Louis Jordan, Which totally blew me away. Tomorrow i want to start up the station around noon and see how that goes, as i might get a break just watching the Lesbians at the station tomorrow. so tune in and listen for the new call in Number. You can tune in on www.shoutcast.com and do a search for Nyack pirate, or if your in the Nyack Area just tune in on 102.5fm..oh yeah here is one of the best emails i ever recieved from a listener enjoy.

The station sounds great I think my favorite time is when you and Courtney are bantering back and forth. Like the night she went to the bathroom during her show and she got pissed that you said she was taking a piss." I didn't tell them you were peeing" (pause) "everyone knows girls don't pee ,,,,, or poop" It was good fast paced bantor about Nyack stuff and relationship humor. Oh, and making fun of her music was histerical. Cutting off her song etc it was funny. I sat in my truck for 20 minutes laughing before I went in my house because I didn't want to miss anything.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Schedule Changes

  1. Monday-Friday
  • 12pm-5pm -Dj Johnny Silver
  • 5pm-6pm -Drive @ 5 (An Hour dedicated to the TZ bridge Traffic)
  • 6pm-9pm-Classic Rock with DJ Silver w/ Nyack Updates and News

  • Monday
  • 9pm-11pm-Old Time Blues -Rockland History and Lore (Prison work-farm Blues)
  • 11pm-2am-Dj Johnny Silver, Comedy, Techno
  • Tuesday
  • 8pm-11pm- The "L word" Radio Show (Nyacks Lesbian Show)
  • 11pm-1am- DJ Johnny Silver
  • Wednesday
  • 9pm-11pm-C-Train and Crew (punk, rock, surfer chick)
  • 11pm-12am- Comedy Hour
  • 12am-2am-Replay of best of day shows
  • Thursday
  • 12pm-5pm-Dj Johnny Silver
  • 5pm-12am- My So Called Life On The Radio (The real life adventures of DJ Johnny Silver, A special show being developed following Dj Johnny Silver with his mic around town live, as he gets in and out of trouble. This is experimental radio
  • 12am-2am-techno and replay of best of day shows
  • Friday
  • 9pm-12am-Classic Hip Hop and Rock/ With updates on whats happening in Nyack

Thursday, January 19, 2006

So i ordered a bunch of T-shirts from The RC here in Nyack (The RC is a t-shirt place on Main St), I went down to to pick them up and WOW.. i see he liked them so much he decided to put them for sale in the window.I thought it was a great idea for advertising the station so i let him keep one in the window to sell, maybe i should get a couple more up there. Bythe way i got the larges in and extra large to, and as long as i have them in stock i willsend them to anyone who supports the station and listens, So Just email me and give me your address and one will be in the mail,Or if you live in the Nyack Area i will hand it to you over a martini.. Cheers..ps what a great show tonight.funny as shit, i will be onthe air tomorrow at noon.

Yesterday i started broadcasting during the day to test the waters, and because there was quite a storm brewing here in Nyack, Well i was on for the first hour or so when i decide to go out and walk the dog, I went out to find the antenna blown down off the roof and mangled on the ground. I was lucky to have spare Comet still in its package, so i ripped it open and did the fastest repair job ever i was back on the air in less then an hour, I just wish i took some photos of the Antenna before i dismantled it.. Last nights show was good and was recorded for podcasting in the future, i am about to start up now again at noon for another great show. I am getting alot more listeners emailing and just mentioning the station out and about in Nyack, it has motivated me to try to better my programming and actually i might atttempt my "so called life on the radio" show today..well more on this later time to turn on the TX

Friday, January 06, 2006

The Show is really take shape this first week of the new year, I am happy with the range of the signal, and the amount of listeners that i am getting. I did a drive around Nyack Today to see exactly where my signal range went to, I am happy to say i cover 100% of Nyack. Now Nyack is about hmm maybe 2 miles long so i am dealing with getting my signal out 1 miles each direction, and being on the river my signal is carry clear over to Tarrytown. Nyacks Population is is about 12,000 in my listening area. I get on average 5 emails a night with requests, and on average 2 new listeners email in each week. E-mail is the only way i communicate with the listeners. The station has been running since oct 5, 2003 when i returned from being off the air for about 2 years.
Just wanted to update you with some info about the station and History.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I am so glad i Taped tonight show, its not even done yet, Public Enemy is ruling the airwaves and the beat is kicking ass, it has brought the station to the next level "Black steel in the hour of Chaos" is the song, and next up is "Rebel without a Pause", These 2 songs alone have convinced me to start adding more old school hip hop to the station..better yet, lets just announce right now that 1am to 2am is Classic Hip Hop Hour, and i will garrantee every song will be hard core, and unforgetable. I got my first order in of the Pirate radio T-shirts i ordered, i gave away 3 tonight to listeners that were the first to email in. The shirts are very cool, and you would like one just email me at nyackradio@hotmail.com...back to the radio..... here are some of the emails


Nice playlist tonight!! Keep up the good work!!! Ill be listening on the stereo for a lil while. Also, I second your praise for the San Juan Cafe, great cuban!!! Cuban sandwiches, rice & chorizo and the bacalao on fridays is to die for!!

Funny...didnt realize nyack had a lot of lesbians??? have you seen any resently????


Hey Dj silver and C train,
It's melissa, the old time # 1 listner, its been a
while But I tuned in tonight...I've been listening
while I've been reorganizing my room... How about a
t-shirt? I'd wear it proudy : )
yo johnny signal sounding better than ever please play PASS THE CUTCHIE BY THE MIGHTY DIAMONDS-& also please play NEW YORK MINING DISASTER BY THE BEEGEES-does this mean i get a t-shirt? o yeah, in case of an on-air raid the best thing to say would be i think is END TRANSMISSION-signing off-GERONIMO

Awesome!!!!  Thanks Johnny!  I'm so excited to be
rocking an Iron Action Radio T-shirt. How about some
Mazzy Star or Brian Jonestown Massacre? I'm glad
you're doing the streaming online thing cause I can
tune in when I'm at work while you're broadcasting for
the TZ traffic crowd. I plan on tuning in more now
that I've arranged my room so I actually want to just
chill out in here and listen to music. Cool, well
thanks as always!
~ Melissa

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Well i am back from the vacation i took for the Holidays, more motivated, and with a new schedule for the station. The first news of the day is i will be back on the air starting tonight on the radio you can tune to 102.5fm and if you are out of listening range you can listen on the internet at www.shoutcast.com and do a search for Nyack pirate.
I will be adjusting the hours a bit, i will now start the station aound 5pm for the poor souls that are stuck in traffic on the TZ bridge. I will be playing mostly music from 5pm-9pm and jumping on and off in between to give local updates and news about Nyack.
At 9pm each night is when the real programming starts, Starting with an update on any News that is about nyack for the day, and where the entertainment is for the night and week ahead, I will try to follow up these updates on the hour and on the half hour. As for the Music format, well i will keep that unique, diversed, and mostely driven my listeners request via emailnyackradio@hotmail.com.
I am concidering going on also during the day, and will hopefully get some feedback on this to see how many listeners that might be interested, this i will weigh against the risks.
Well the main thing is the station is on tonight and everynight starting at 5pm now, will more intense programming starting around 9pm, look for great music, and great commentary about Nyack. Local New, Events, Nyack Social Scene, restaurant reviews, and much more.
*Paranormal show
*Local Artist hour (and if you are a local artist, please get in touch with me to have your music played on the station)
*Nyack Mid-Week Report
*Remote Broadcasts for places in Nyack
*Guest DJ's

and finally i just started a myspace page http://www.myspace.com/djjohnnysilver

Happy New Year
DJ Johnny Silver
Iron Action Radio