Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tonights Nyack Pirate Radio broadcast "Nyack Live".. Broadcasting from
the Streets of Nyack

November 30th 09:00 PM-12:00am - Pirate Radio Studios
Secret Location in Nyack, Nyack, NY 10960,US -
Thursdays show featuring special guests and live music its the hottest
show of the week. Dj Silver and DJ Watts. This weeks show look for
special guest Marc Ferr, Craig from (not confirmed
yet), and maybe and a surprise guest.

Recently a new listener called "The Shadow" has been sending in these
great poems to be read on the radio, if you have listened the last
couple night you might of heard them, if not i would like to get him
to read one live on the air tonight and maybe make it a ongoing
segment for the i also would like toget other poets out
there to read live on the air. You can call the studio tonight at
845-290-9493 after 9pm

Tune in on 102.5fm in the Nyack area...or on the internet at Live call in number for the show is 845-290-9493

DJ Johnny Silver
Nyacks pirate Radio

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