Friday, October 28, 2005

DJ Johnny Silver

What is Pirate Radio..? So many people these days are claiming Podcasting is the new pirate radio....Or streaming your station over the internet....Why is there so many sellouts..There can be only 1 true form of Pirate Radio, and that is the original version, Taking the airwaves back from the corporations and using it for the benefit of the people. This requires RISK, TIME, and DEDICATION. I guess I got kind of proud over the last few weeks when I got so many nice e-mails telling me what a exciting thing I am doing, How cool it is to hear something that's so on the edge, in a day when things are so dull when it comes to media. When you can go online and download anything thing you want. Sometimes I wonder how can a Pirate Station compete..Well you can't compete online. You can't compete podcasting, its just not about that..These venues or vehicles of communication have been forced upon us just like all the corporate media has been shoved down our throats brainwashing us to believe in all kinds of propaganda, and to steer us away from developing our own truths and learning the old fashion way. That's why a Pirate broadcasters learn how send their voice out, They fight against the corporate greed stations, They do not do it for the money, but for the voice of the small people who want to believe there something out there to believe in something different then what's thrown at them each and every day. What's so bad about that?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

  • A listener sent this in tonight, Its always good to see positve
    articles out there about the station, This site is one of the best out
    there covering alternitive media..i wanted to pass the article on to
    you, and if intersted, more research can be done on this site, there
    are a few nice mentions about iron action radio..the site is do a search for nyack or dj johnny silver

    October 24, 2005
    DJ Johnny Silver Is Back and Online

    Got an email today from Nyack NY's own pirate DJ Johnny Silver. He
    says Iron Action Radio is back up for nightly broadcasts, beginning
    tonight both at 102.5 FM in Nyack and on-line at Shoutcast. Johnny
    says the broadcasts will start along the lines of 7 or 8 PM Eastern time.

    I can confirm that the Shoutcast stream is up -- I'm listening right
    now. Johnny's on mic discussing a weblog that mentioned him, and is
    exploring the guy's music and art that he's posted. Now he's segued
    into some classic hair metal: Kix's "Cold Blood."

    Should be some interesting listening for anyone in Nyack or anyone
    on-line who wants to hear some actual pirate radio, rather than
    podcasts or other on-line shows that like to claim the mantle without
    any of the risk.

    It seems like Iron Action Radio has been on and off all year long --
    understandable, since it takes dedication to run a pirate radio
    station by yourself every night. We'll see how long Johnny can keep it
    up, and away from the FCC. Posted by paul at October 24, 2005 11:34 PM
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

  • Ok so i havent posted in a while, The radio takes up so much time, i am about to take on some extra DJ's, the winter is approaching fast and this could be a great season for the radio, i need to get a very professional web site up and running, and will be working on that this week, i am contining to stream the shows and last nights show was one of the best. I rememer reading somewhere.. be it about TV or about radio, but it had to do with Media, It was a formula to figure out how many people you had listening.. it said for everyone one you know is listening, in my case ..from E-mail, Seeing the IP logged on to the screen or word of mouth, that there are 15 other people listening. so last night i had a lot of emails from diffrent people, and a few new ones ..thanks Mike for the funny emails and the support, well i figure i knew about 30 people listening last night, so using the formula that would mean about 400-500 people were tuned in at some time last night..WOW, could that be right?? whats that formula..keep the emails coming, i will start posting some of the funny ones on here. Tonight is Tuesday and Frankie is going to do a show, a R&B starter rolling into some classic Rock, I will let her run with it and see how it goes. Remeber you can tune in in the Nyack Area on 102.5fm or on the internet and do a search for Nyack Pirate Radio on the search bar on the right. More to come hope you enjoy it..

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