Sunday, April 24, 2005

Over the weekend i found out there was an increase in raids by the FCC especially in the Queens,, Long Island area. I also feel the pressure to keep the station on each night, knowing this FCC could be getting closer, I feel it is time again to step up security at the station, and go deeper underground, That includes limiting the info i give out on the Blog. This next week should be interesting. i will add more to this later tonight, when i have a plan

Monday, April 18, 2005

Major news here at Iron Action Radio, Yesterday i had a vist from a fellow Pirate, who made contact with me on the internet, and offered his help and services to improve the station, I will Call him Mr T to protect his identity. Mr T came up to the studio and was able to troubleshoot and fix alot of the problems i was having here, He ended up lending me the use of his amp and stereo generator untill he replaces a transistor on my blown amp. The Station sounds great now, and i can't wait to get the amp back up and working. The next project is adding about 10 ft to the antenna height, that will guarantee full coverage of the area.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

I just realized i was getting a lot more email requests during my broadcast at night, but the emails happened to fall into my junk folder, so i need to keep on top of that and hopefully get those requests out tonight.. this sunday i wll be broadcasting live from the street fair in Nyack, and will try out my wireless mic as i walk around the fair enjoy the day

I just wanted to show everyone the set up i am using when i broadcast remote, this is at the window at Reality Bites in downtown Nyack. The Laptop on the left, i am using for my music which goes into a nice little soundcraft mixer then out into line in on the other laptop, from there..I opened up Realitys Linksys router config settings and opened up a port that i am sending my signal out.The software i am using is Nullsoft (shoutcast server that i am running on my laptop) the Audio go out over the internet and back at the main studio where the transmitter is. Here it is streamed in (by going to and listening to "the sound of the underground" and then sent back out thru the TX and out over the airwaves. thereis a 1 minute delay from when i send it out and hear it back over the airwaves, i am working on a different configuation to make that less annoying, I want to thanks a listener in Australia "sunrise" for some suggestions .

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The trailer for the next film "The Return of The Agent" The continuing saga of Outlaw radio pirate DJ Silver and his fight against the FCC, is now finished, the trailer is very short, but very exciting, the film will be premiered in May.You can view the trailer here

Last nights show was alittle slow, My concern is runing a pirate station every night can be very tedious, and when you are doing it yourself, it takes alot of mental effort, and time. Is it worth it? I am about to add a new show to the schedule, (not that i have a schedule, but thats on the to do list). so i just decided right now that i would use my old original radio tapes back from 97' to help fill in some time slots and free up some time for me. So schedule change #1 each night at 10pm i will play an old radio show from the past, these are actually very funny, and have many different dj's featured. Stay tuned....

I was thinking last night, that my decision to stream the station could lead to my downfall. Now each night when i turn on my transmitter to transmit on 102.5fm in my town, i also turn on my shoutcast server, and while i am sitting there i can see who opens a stream on the internet to listen to the station, and when the stream closes, info provided gives me the ip address of the listener, and some other info on there os, and what program they are usuing when listening, this is a great tool, and makes it more enjoyable to broadcast when you see people out there streaming your station. last night i had listners tune in from all over the world, each time i stream would open i would put there ip address into an IP search tool and it would give me there location. I had listeners from Oregon, California, Indiana, Amsterdam, Australia, and Asia. It is very exciting actually know they are listening and then send them out a song.

The problem here is.... just as easily as i found out where they were, can someone find out where i am broadcasting from? The studio is always being moved around, but it seems like the streaming will always be a trail to me.. any way to mask this trail? anyway to continue to stream and still be clandestine...How long will it last.......

Monday, April 11, 2005

Well last night we had Alex stop by to take some photos of the Undergound station, the show had alot of guest dj's, The photo above shows DJ C-Train manning the mic. Blind Man Lou stopped in for the show, and we took over the airwaves early this night. I added a new mic to the station tonight, found out the importance of speaking properly on the mic, Learn where the sweet spot is on the mic, it will make your show more enjoyable to listen to. Even though i am streaming over the internet, i feel the true radio experiance is found over the fm airwaves, and anyone wanting to feel the pure thrill of broadcasting, needs to be on the airwaves.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Well last night was the first remote broadcast of Iron Action Radio, it was a great turnout, live at Reality Bites, what a beautiful place to broadcast from,live in the front window right on main street. the transmitter is clean and strong, and was able to do the remote by sending the signal over the internet, via the shoutcast server, and receive it in the studio and from there send it live over the air.. the funny thing was there was a 1 minute delay. also during the night we showed the new trailer for the next film about the radio's battle with the FCC, This you can see this with the two other films at Tonight i raised the antenna up another 6 feet and hope to get the amp cranking at 110 watts. Tune in each night on 102.5fm and now broadcasting live on the internet the best way to get the stream right now is to go to and do a search for "the sound of the underground" and just hit listen..enjoy

p.s This photo is of the filming of part 3 "The Return of The Agent" DJ Johnny arrives back to the year 2005 from 1976 right in the middle of a heavy metal concert

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