Thursday, March 31, 2005

This is DJ Dawit with Lori the lead singer of Super Star Sideshow, The offical band of the station

It looks like tomorrow everything will be set up and back running, it has been longer then i wanted to be absent from the airwaves, but used the time to continue filming "The return of Agent" the 3rd part in the Iron Action Radio Pirate Adventures. The next 2 weeks i will be fully dedicated to bringing the audience back in touch with Radio. I now have 3 linked location that i can broadcast from at any time, and one location that is a surprise, and will use to fall back on when and if the heat is turned up. These are some of the first photo's i am posting of the DJ's Here @ The Sound of the Underground, This one is of DJ Johnny Silver and DJ C-Train

Thursday, March 24, 2005

ok so its been about 3 weeks since i been off the air. i used this time to move the transmitter and actualy build an amp (100 watt) amp to boost the signal. so sitting here after 4 mojitos i get find out the amp has failed its test and has to be redone, so hopefully i will be on the air by the end of next week. But it should be good, i will be boosting the power up 4 times and having new dj's and an original dj from when i was on the air in 97' dj Kate (trance) will be joining the station next week. So what else, i got some new show ideas and new songs that will be premiered on the station, other then that i will try to update this bog more often now as i get closer to getting back on the air, things will get big very fast here at Iron action radio

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I hate it when i lose a blog and have to write it all over..shit ..anyway, the transmitter has been acting up lately, and i was able (i think) to track down the problem. so i am about to repair the problem and prepare for tonights show, last night DJ Dawit djed while i took the night off, I find that the radio takes up alot of whats new..well thursday tomorrow, i will be broadcasting live from a secret location to be named tonight and tomorrow, I have the Transmitter at a new studio hidden deep in the sewers of Nyack, and working on getting the reception alittle better. Be sure to tune in tonight and every night ans give feedback at

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